With a very firm recognition of the irony…

NonAlgoholic is meant to be a place where business men, women and other talk about all the stuff they do OFF LINE.

There will be no social media tips, no links to the latest and greatest funnel building software or anything of that sort.

We’ll talk about our pets, our spouses and significant others, our hobbies, our pets, our sleep schedule… pretty much anything and everything that has nothing to do (at least directly) with the online world.


I’m a dad and husband. I probably spend more time online or in front of my computer than I should. Any tips, tricks, ideas or inspirations you may have – I’m all ears.

It’ll be interesting to get a wider picture of what other folks do to get away from the the media and the internet.

Heck, maybe we can be friends.

Plus, the idea of running a reverse podcast is kind of intriguing to me. Let the guest do all the talking – through video, audio, text, image – however they’d like. I ask the questions – but I’m very firmly off-camera.


Anyone and everyone.

Business owners, podcasters, freelancers, normal-ass people, hobos, cops…

Who ever.

Even YOU! Yes, you.

Click here and do it!